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Walk the Talk

Nov 13, 2020

Season 3, Episode #8: Medium and Intuitive Life Coach, Kate Pendry, shares her experience of connecting with Spirit as a child and the confusion that surrounded her abilities. Kate also shares that the loss of her husband, Nick, created a turning point in her life that deepened her connection to God.

Nov 10, 2020

Season 3, Episode #7: Rob Sanders, Owner and Chef of Saucey’z Foodtruck and Catering, talks about his passion to be of service and create community. He also talks about his determination to persevere through dark times and create the life he was being called to live.

Nov 6, 2020

Season 3, Episode #6: Founder of Follow Your Heart Action Network, Curtis Reliford, talks about his passion to spread peace and love and to help those in need.

Curtis also shares the moments in his life that presented inspiration for him to choose love over anger.

Nov 2, 2020

Season 3, Episode #1: City Councilmember and former Mayor of the City of Santa Cruz, Martine Watkins, reflects on her 4 year term and the polices and solutions she wants to build on if she is re-elected. Martine shares her approach to building community through Health in All Policies, a conceptual frame which...

Nov 2, 2020

Season 3, Episode 2: Survivor, Winda, shares her story of being trafficked for sex and birthing babies, that were taken from her starting at the age of 9. Winda describes the series of events that lead her to a new beginning after she arrived at Eden's Glory, a restoration home for woman. Winda is now the Assistant...