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Walk the Talk

Aug 28, 2020

The Black Lives Matter - It's Time to Listen series continues with the Mayor of the City of Santa Cruz, Justin Cummings.

Justin shares his perspective on systemic racism and the changes that need to be made in our own communities if we want to create positive change. 

Aug 24, 2020

Survivor, Gabriela Sofia, shares her experiences of sexual assault and offers resources that have helped her as she continues her healing process.

Aug 18, 2020

Returning guest, Chase Hills, talks about pursuing his music career during a pandemic and his new position as a piano teacher.

Aug 9, 2020

The series on The Fight to End Human Trafficking continues with one of the founders of Set Free Monterey Bay, Felicia George, and a survivor of being trafficked, Ashley Chesney.
During our discussion Ashley shared a little bit about her personal experience of being trafficked, how prison saved her life and what she is...