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Walk the Talk

Sep 29, 2020

Episode #35: Host Tavia Avila is joined by Holistic Health and Lifestyle Coach, Sandy Jacquard, and her client, Moselle Madesko. Sandy shares her philosophy on health, which is tending to the mind, body and soul. Moselle shares how life has changed for herself since having Sandy as a coach and the transformation...

Sep 14, 2020

The Fight Against Human Trafficking series continues with the founders of Set Free Monterey Bay, Felicia and Chris George, and the Co-Founder and Co- Executive Director of Eden’s Glory, Annie Shomaker. During this episode Annie shares how the restoration home in Illinois was created, the difference it is making in...

Sep 10, 2020

Talk show host, Tavia Avila, opens up about sexual assault and the negative behaviors that have resulted from the trauma. She discloses how alcohol was used to help her get comfortable with men in romantic dynamics, and how ultimately drinking only blocked her from true intimacy.

Sep 3, 2020

Episode #30: The Survivors' Voices: Healing from Sexual Assault series continues with survivor, Gabriela Sofia. During this episode I share my personal experiences with sexual assault and Gabriela and I both talk about how trauma has affected how we interact with ourselves and the world. We both offer resources that...